1415 Indiana

1415 Indiana St, San Francisco, CA 94107 / Central Waterfront, District 9

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Built in 2000 by David Baker, 1415 Indiana provides unparalleled quality of construction in San Francisco's most exciting new neighborhood. Built for the creative and talented, this spacious live/work home offers modern design often desired but rarely found in San Francisco loft living.


The Central Waterfront is San Francisco's burgeoning new neighborhood. Often called the Dogpatch, this evolving neighborhood is surrounded by Potrero Hill and Mission Bay. San Francisco's ever-evolving neighborhood--a business, cultural and artistic mecca--supports a mélange of the city's oldest and newest cultures. All your urban amenities are nearby--take your dog to Esprit Park, grab a drink at Yield Wine Bar, Sunday brunch at The Ramp, sushi with friends at Moshi Moshi Sushi, coffee at Sundance Coffee House or Tropicana Coffee Shop, dinners at Piccino, or a night out at Cafe Cocomo or Dogpatch Saloon. When you live at 1415 Indiana, the future of San Francisco can be had today.