For more than 25 years, Vanguard Properties has offered impeccable service to buyers and sellers in San Francisco.

We are proud of our team of professionals, who are service-driven and passionately share in your goal to find the home that’s right for you in the manner that fits your lifestyle.

Our agents are skilled and educated real estate professionals who are experts in contract negotiation, escrow processes and can offer an enormous array of resources to fit your needs. They provide intelligent direction and skillful execution on both the buying and selling side of any transaction and will successfully assist you and your buying public with the daunting and sometimes overwhelming task of educating all parties toward making an “informed” decision.

We understand what it takes to achieve a successful purchase transaction, coupled with our access to the best in on-line technology, will assure you that your real estate transaction is professionally and properly managed from beginning to end and will leave you and your seller with a positive experience.