Richard Valdez

Home ownership in San Francisco was always a dream of Richard’s, beginning when he arrived in the Bay Area from the Philippines. For two decades Richard resided in communities adjacent to San Francisco, always heading into the City to explore on his time off, and for one previous employer, to work is this dynamic business environment. His passion for architecture, and appreciation of cultural heritage, have always lured him into the many varied neighborhoods of the City, leading to an intimate level of familiarity with the San Francisco environs. Richard’s long quest to own residential property in San Francisco provides the perfect foundation for him to assist the potential buyer or seller with their real estate needs, leveraging the unique characteristics of each neighborhood and matching these with the desires of a buyer seeking to reside in that neighborhood (whether as seller’s listing agent or representative for a buyer).

As a project manager in information technology within several different industries including banking and luxury brands, Richard developed strong organizational talents, deep people skills, and a mastery of advanced software applications ranging from database management to product development. Working in the fast-based technology environment has given Richard the ability to manage multi-faceted transactions, looking ahead to identify potential issues, and to resolve them before they derail the process. Richard has owned residential and income residential property in San Francisco and Santa Barbara, has managed the leasing of residential and commercial office space, and has provided project management for a whole-house remodel project and office remodel.

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