Danielle Botros


Those three words are essential in any relationship, be it business or personal. Danielle recognizes that someone’s trust has to be earned, and in order for that to happen, it takes an agent who listens, negotiates exceptionally well and is as reliable as a trusted friend.

As a former NY soap actress with occasional appearances for three years on “One Life to Live” and living and working in Cairo, Egypt for 6 months, the French Alps for a year, and New York City for 25 years, Danielle brings to the table an extremely diverse and storied background.

She has enjoyed 23 successful years in sales. She has excelled in her former line of work in the luxury market of fine wine sales and wine education. A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in French and a minor in Arabic, she made the decision to pick up and move her life from Texas to Manhattan.

Then, close to 10 years ago, Danielle and her husband, an automotive photographer, moved to Marin County, and they’ve never looked back. Marin and the Bay Area is positively a little “slice of heaven”. “With its natural beauty and proximity to San Francisco, it is a magical place to live.”

What attracted Danielle to the world of real estate was her appreciation for what a home represents: comfort, beauty, a soul-soothing place where a family can love, laugh and grow together. Secondly, as real estate is a relationship-driven business, Danielle’s natural, easy way in connecting with people, coupled with her professionalism, is what has propelled her in life, and the care and attention that she gives to each and every client is what sets her apart.

Her other passions include traveling to and living in places the world over, learning new languages and cultures, and cooking elaborate meals at home while teaching family and friends about wines and food and wine pairings. She also writes a blog for Marin Magazine. As a Certified Sommelier, Certified Wine Educator and expert in all things relating to food and wine, Danielle is well equipped to provide her clients with the very necessary lists of “best restaurants in the neighborhood” and “best wines for your wine cellar”.

She looks forward to representing you with the utmost care and integrity with your most prized asset.