What do you wish more clients would do to help streamline the transaction process?

A: “The most common misconception about being a Realtor in San Francisco is that our job is easy. Successful Realtors often work 60-plus hours per week and income is strictly based on commission.

If the property does not sell or the buyer does not find a home, that agent does not get paid. Most buyers and sellers in the Bay Area are tech savvy and communicate through their smart phones.

Most communication these days happens in real time which means that as Realtors we are on call 24/7. We are very fortunate to work with amazing clients, but in order to streamline the process our clients are asked to do their homework.

Whether getting preapproved or reading through a disclosure package, the more our clients invest in the process the better the overall results. San Francisco real estate is complicated, and having Bernie and Mike on your side can simplify the process immensely.”

– Bernie Katzmann, Vanguard Properties, (415) 655-5610, bernie@vanguardsf.com; Mike Shaw, Vanguard Properties, (415) 308-4281, mikeshaw@vanguardsf.com.

Appeared in San Francisco Chronicle, May 7, 2017